DesBio Oral Health, Teeth, Gums and Dental Pain


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Size: DesBio Gum Therapy

Gum Therapy

Homeopathic relief of symptoms related to gingivitis, inflamed and bleeding gums and pain.


" Started the Gum Therapy on Monday and I noticed an immediate improvement. As a bonus I had a tooth that was bothering me for weeks, and no more sensitivity. Thanks for always providing quality products that work the way they are intended to."  Laura L.

"I wanted to share another positive thing about the Gum Therapy drops. I noticed this morning that 2 of the 3 areas where I have receding gums have resolved and the 3rd spot is much improved. I’ve been told, repeatedly, that gum tissue doesn’t regenerate but it’s definitely healed. Thanks again for providing amazing products. I can’t thank you enough."   L. Lillian

Ingredients: Homeopathic

Dental Pain Drops

For relief of symptoms related to dental pain such as, sensitive teeth, cramping of jaw, generalized dental discomfort, sensitivity to temperature, brushing or salivation.
Ingredients:  Homeopathic

Oral Health Drops

For the relief of symptoms related to oral health, such a cavitation, delayed dentition, dry mouth, painful eating, eruptions on tongue and inner cheeks, Bio-films, bleeding gums, thrush, loss of taste and tooth and gum sensitivity.

Ingredients: Homeopathic