BodyBio Gut+ Triglyceride Based Butyrate (PreBiotic & PostBiotic) 30 capsules


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Gut + Triglyceride Based Butyrate

Total Gut Health, No Probiotics Required

Your microbiome is as unique as your fingerprint, and the latest research indicates that probiotics are not a one-size-fits-all solution, despite being marketed as such. Gut+ takes a different approach. We want to help your microbiome thrive by feeding your good bacteria the right food, while also alleviating many of the pesky symptoms associated with a previously unhappy gut. We’ve carefully selected a prebiotic and postbiotic that accomplishes this.

BodyBio has heard your requests for a Tributyrin based Butyrate. But they decided to take things one step further and create a more complete gut health formula made with cutting-edge prebiotics + postbiotics - all designed to help you achieve optimal
gut health.

As you may know, the latest research in probiotics is strain-specific. The future of gut health is in thinking about the gut as an ecosystem. Just like in nature, if you give the ecosystem the resources it needs to remain healthy (sunshine, water, healthy soil, etc.), the organisms that live in it will thrive. We can think about the gut and our microbiome the same way.

To keep the gut ecosystem working for us BodyBio focused on two main ingredients to allow our commensal bacteria to work
more effectively: prebiotics and postbiotics. Most prebiotics are fiber or starch-based.

Gut+ contains a next-generation prebiotic solution: Pre for Pro, a prebiotic bacteriophage cocktail that prepares the gut to ensure healthy probiotic bacteria have room to flourish. Because Pre for Pro is not fiber or starch-based, it requires a significantly smaller dosage than typical prebiotics, and goes to work in hours, not days. This triglyceride based butyrate may have better utilization in the bloodstream for cellular delivery. Most importantly, it does not smell!

Improves Gut Function.  Supports total gut health and function.

Targets Gut Dysbiosis.  Clinically proves to eliminate bad bacteria and promote good bacteria.

Promotes Immune Health.  80% of your immune system is in your gut.

Bloat Support.  Eliminates gas as bloating and promotes regularity.

Simple and Streamlined.  One easy, no smell capsule per day!