Vita Aid Professional Therapeutics MicroCidin (Anti-Microbial, Anti-Viral, Anti-Candida, Anti-Parasitic, Anti-Fungi)

Vita Aid Professional Therapeutics

$ 69.95

Anti-Microbial, Anti-Viral, Anti-Candida, Anti-Parasitic

Microcidin AF is a low-FODMAP Allium-Free broad spectrum formula to help support gut health.*

• Allium-free formula (low-FODMAP compatible) for individuals sensitive to garlic.

• Berberine has been shown to support gut health.*

• Cinnamon to balance the cooling property of berberine.

• Synergized with concentrated Thyme and Oregano extracts for broad spectrum effect in the GI tract.*

• Neem and Uva Ursi extract provide additional gastrosupportive effects.*

Herbal Formula contains multiple antimicrobial ingredients with different mechanisms to inhibit and eradicate the pathogenic microbes, such as bacteria, virus, fungi (eg. Candida albican) and parasites.