DesBio Metabolic Syndrome Support (Insulin Resistance, HypoGlycemia, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol)


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Metabolic Dysfunction or Syndrome Refers To Insulin Resistance, Hypoglycemia, High Blood Sugar, High Cholesterol and Obesity.

High Insulin is a reason for weight gain and an inability to lose weight.  If you do not balance your insulin first before you attempt a weight lose program, you will be swimming up stream.

Insulin:  Glucose from consumed carbohydrates travels into your blood stream, triggering your pancreas to release insulin.  Insulin attaches to the glucose molecules and carries them into your cells, where they are used for energy.

Glucagon:  Has the opposite effect of insulin.  When we go without eating for an extended period of time, the pancreas releases glucagon, which signals the liver to convert stored glycogen into glucose.  The sugar is then secreted into the blood stream where it serves as an energy source until the body receives more food.

HypoGlycemia:  Blood sugar disorder which is a precursor to insulin resistance. Characterized by low blood sugar symptoms including fatigue, weakness, dizziness, sweating, shakiness, palpitations, anxiety, nausea, a sensation of hunger, difficulty concentrating. Occurs after eating an abundance of sugar and/or refined carbs. 

This physiological feedback system  is designed to keep blood sugar levels steady.

It is vital to make dietary changes and eliminate high-insulin responding foods.  Following the diet in the Omni-Detox Kit is a balanced approach then use these supplements too.


Gluco Reg Drops relieves symptoms related to high blood sugar including dry mouth, thirst, night sweats, sugar and carb cravings. 

Gluco Stasis Capsules combines essential nutrients, botanicals, and antioxidants to support balanced blood sugar levels. The ingredients in GlucoStasis work to encourage healthy insulin production and glucose utilization at the cellular level.

The Kit Is Very Effective in Lowering Blood Sugar Levels.



Lowering Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, HypoGlycemia, Inflammation

LipiCore:  Herbal capsules lowers high cholesterol, lowers high blood sugar. Supports the heart and vascular system by helping to maintain healthy blood lipid levels. This product provides a sophisticated blend of ingredients to promote antioxidant function, modulation of healthy inflammatory activity, and blood vessel health. Contains Red Yeast Rice, Berberine, Pomegranite, CoQ10, Green Tea Leaf and Meriva Curcumin Phytosome.

VascuFlow:  Homeopathic version of LipiCore.  Supports heart and vascular health, lowers high cholesterol and high blood sugar.

Liposomal Magnesium:  Lowers high blood pressure, relieves constipation, excellent for heart health. 30 packets