Life's Healthiest ADRENAL DETOX Morning Tea

Life's Healthiest

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Morning Adrenal Detox Tea

Includes Reusable Tea Bags

Your first cup of Morning Adrenal Detox tea detoxifies the adrenals.  Soothes, calms and heals Adrenals. Fatigued adrenals cause the body to gain and hold onto weight.  They also impair digestion.  Healing the Adrenals will help improve digestion and weight gain.
Whole Lemon (flesh, rind and peel): Feeds and strengthens the adrenals.
Organic Dandelion Tea: Flushes the liver. The liver helps to balance cortisol. Raises glutathione levels which releases heavy metals, toxins and poisons that damage the adrenals.
Grey Sea Salt:  Supports healthy aldosterone levels.
Licorice Root:  Supports healthy cortisol levels.
4.0 oz.