Life's Healthiest Whole Food BINDER Therapy.

$ 36.95

Whole Food Binder Is Food Based Binding

Broad Spectrum Binder, Binds To MycoToxins, Toxins, Pathogens  and Other Inflammagens, Including Ochratoxins.

Nature Is So Smart, It Put The Medicine In The Food!

Whole Food Binder Works Just Like Cholestyromine.

The ingredients in Whole Food Binder Function Similarly To Cholestyromine, Without Any Of The Unwanted Side Effects.

Whole Food Binder is extremely effective for Binding and is a healthier option because it does not cause adverse side effects, it relieves constipation and the food ingredients actually flood your body with nutrients it needs. The fiber in food powders like these are more concentrated and when food is dried, dehydrated and powdered, it makes them more effective in the body because they are in your body, thirsty and looking for something to bind too.

Whole Food Binder Whole Food Nutritional Therapy contains the foods that bind toxins. It also contains a pre-binder to stimulate bile production.

Why is Whole Food Binder a healthier option than Cholestyromine and other pharmaceutical binders? Pharmaceutical binders like Cholestyromine deplete good fats, taurine, glycine, fat soluble nutrients that make bile. They lower cholesterol, mobilize mycotoxins and other toxins which can cause too much detoxification all at once and they are very constipating. Pharmaceutical binders also impact the lining of the gut, causing death to cells in the colon (Colitis, Chrones) and can cause colon hemorages if you are constipated already.

Pair with Whole Food Drainage and Glutathione Food to open drainage pathways and to help your body detoxify.

Ingredients:  Beetroot, Okra, Broccoli Sprout, Wild BlueBerry, Dandelion (Pre-Binder).


Dr. Jill Crista On Food Binders....TIMING OF FOOD-BASED BINDERS

"Take food-based binders with food, ideally.

What are food-based binders?

Things high in soluble and insoluble fiber, such as psyllium husk, flax seed, chia seed, bran. Or SIBO-safe, ground pumpkin, sesame,sunflower seeds. Also Beets, Okra, Broccoli Sprout, Wild Blueberries and Dandelion which is a pre-binder.

While they’re action is the same as the prescription medications, cholestyramine and welchol, which is to sequester or hold onto bile, they don’t have the complication of these pharmaceutical-based binders, which is to also absorb nutrients, supplements, and medications.

Instead, food-based binders actually nourish the microbiome in order to make the nutrients in our food more bio-available.

Food-based binders need to be added in addition to food in order to get enough soluble and insoluble fiber.

I have my patients aim for 2-4 Tbsp of additional insoluble fiber.


Whole Food Binder Contains Foods That Are Both Soluble and Insoluble Fiber. Unlike Other Binders, Whole Food Binder Does Not Constipate, It Actually Relieves Constipation!

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