Life's Healthiest DRAINAGE Pre-Binder Whole Food Nutritional Therapy 6.0 oz (Opens Drainage Pathways)

Life's Healthiest

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Life's Healthiest Drainage

Whole Food Nutritional Therapy

Nature Is So Smart, It Put The Medicine In The Food!

Life's Healthiest Smart Formulas use nutrition to promote health and to decrease the risk of disease and illness.  Nutritional Therapy ingredients are derived from whole organic foods which are the best sources of nutrients for the body to recognize, absorb and use to provide healing benefits.  Already macerated, highly bioavailable nutrients reach the bloodstream quickly and are swiftly absorbed without taxing the digestive system.

Life's Healthiest Drainage Pre-Binder opens the drainage pathways for effective detoxification and elimination of pathogens before binding.

Life's Healthiest Drainage Pre-Binder Nutritional Therapy promotes healthy bile production and flow which is needed to move mold and other pathogens out of the body and get bowels moving.  Keeps organs and pathways clean and clear.  Relieves constipation and improves elimination.

This Whole Food Nutritional Therapy Smart Formula's Ingredients are a blend of Pre-Binders to induce digestive function and secretions; including Cholagogues that make and move bile and Phosphatidylcholine to support liver detoxification.  Protects and heals the intestinal lining and reduces bowel inflammation.

How To Use:  Naturally effective Life's Healthiest Nutritional Therapy Smart Formula blends are made from organic whole foods and easily incorporated into your diet.  Mix one tablespoon of powder into a smoothie, a cup of water, coffee or tea; or sprinkle on yogurt, pudding, granola and oatmeal; or even cooked in baked goods.

Dosage:  1 to 3 tablespoons per day, taking one tablespoon  at a time with or without food.  Since Life's Healthiest Nutritional Therapy Smart Formula blends are whole food based you may use two or more different powder blends at the same time, mixing them together if you prefer but staying within the 1 to 3 tablespoons dosage per day recommendation for each powder blend.

Shelf Life and Storage:   Life's Healthiest Nutritional Therapy Smart Formula blends have a shelf life of twelve months with the individual expiration date marked on each package. Store in a cool dry location. Refrigeration is not required.

This Whole Food Nutritional Therapy Smart Formula’s Ingredients Are: 
Orange, Banana, Kale, Broccoli, Beets and Dandelion Greens.

Be Smart With Life's Healthiest Whole Food Nutritional Therapy

 Paleo - Keto - Vegetarian - Vegan - No Additives - Chemical Free