Life's Healthiest Methyl-Adaptogen Food (MTHFR Therapy) Directs And Guides Methylation Using Whole Food Nutrients

Methyl-Adaptogen Food Therapy: Life's Healthiest Methyl-Adaptogen Food Therapy

$ 36.95

Methyl-Adaptogen Food

Whole Food Nutritional Therapy

Supporting Methylation Using Whole Food Is Food For Your Genes!

Methyl-Donor Food Provides The Specific Nutrients From Whole Foods That Influence Where A Methyl Group Is Placed On DNA. 

Methyl-Adaptogen Food Directs, Controls and Guides Where and How Methylation Is Happening In Your Body. 

Methyl-Donor and Methyl-Adaptogen Foods Are BRILLIANT For Methylation.

Methylation Is Essential To Our Metabolism And How Our Body Performs Biochemically.  No Matter What Genetic Hand You've Been Dealt, Optimizing Methylation Mitigates Risks And Helps Achieve Peak Health.

Good Methylation boosts and supports bile production, reduces stress, improves cognitive function and a lot more.  Methyl-Donor Whole Food Therapy Helps Your Body To Improve Methylation.  
Methylation (Detoxification) is critical for effective detoxification.  When methylation is impaired, you can't get well.  Health issues can worsen and other health issues can begin.

Ingredients:  Cherry, Apple, Broccoli Sprout, Cauliflower, Shiitake Mushroom.

**Pair Methyl-Adaptogen Food with Methyl-Donor Food The Most Effective Methylation.

ADD White Tea with Lemon. 

Pure White Tea with Lemon

Pure White Tea with Lemon has bioflavonoids called polyphenols which help to check and repair Gene changes caused by mold and mycotoxins.  Mycotoxins change your immune system at the Gene level to make you more susceptible to its infection.