Covid Long Haulers Syndrome


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Size: DesBio Quercetin

Long Haulers Syndrome can cause symptoms that present with symptoms such as, rashes, muscle aches, dizzy spells, fatigue, cough, shortness of breath, absence of taste and smell, vomiting, brain fog, body tingles, acid reflux, broken blood vessels, hair loss and perhaps other symptoms as well.

Nutrients That Help Improve Symptoms And Outcomes.

-Quercetin Binds to the spike protein of the coronavirus, inhibits inflammatory pathways, and blocks replication of infected cells. It is also antiviral and completely safe. 
-Resveratrol is particularly helpful in restoring health in Co-vid long haulers. It reduces co-vid induced inflammation in the body. 
-Probiotics: Covid can wreak havoc on the gut microbiome, but research on specific probiotic strains that can best restore balance following the syndrome’s particular damage point to soil based probiotics as the best form to take.
-Melatonin is a potent anti-inflammatory which supports the gut lining and promotes healthy immune function. At bedtime.
-Co-Q10 helps to mitigate some of the neurological symptoms and also helps to relieve co-vid muscle aches and spasms.

**Other nutrients that are beneficial for improving symptoms for long haulers include, trace minerals, omega-3 fish oils, and ECGC.