Male Hormones

Size: Omni-Detoxification Kit (2-Month Program)

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Andropause Is Also Known As Male Menopause And Symptoms Can Begin Between The Ages Of 40 - 65 Years Of Age.

Andropause is a natural part of life and some of the health issues men experience as part of the aging process are, testosterone deficiency, sleep apnea, impotence, prostate complaints, gout, insomnia and also depression, anxiety and moodiness.
Reasons for Andropause Outside of Aging:
-Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disease
-Heavy Metals
-Metabolic Syndrome
-Certain Medications
Symptoms Can Look Like This:
*Decreased Libido
*Decreased Vitality
*Mood Changes
*Erectile Dysfunction
*Decrease Muscle Mass
*Increased Visceral Body Fat
*Testicular Atrophy
  *Loss of Facial and Body Hair


The Following Homeopathic Products Can Help With Symptoms.

Begin With:  Omni-Detoxification Kit (2-Month Program):  Begin With A 2-Month Detoxification Program.  Omni means All or Everything.  This detox program targets the entire body, not just and organ or system.  It uses homeopathy, botanicals and nutrition for an all encompassing 3-pronged approach to healing, balance and wellness.
Homeopathics Formulas Have An Excellent Safety Profile.  They Take What Your Body Needs And You Excrete The Rest, So There Is No Worry About Getting Too Much.

Male Stimulant Drops: Fertility:  Homeopathic improves Libido, Fatigue, Infertility. Stimulates testes to increase sperm count.
Testosterone Drops:  For weak libido, stress, stomach discomfort and general joint pain.
Viril Drops:  Addresses Male Hormone Imbalance, Impotence, Gout, Sleepiness, Prostate Health.
Prostate Drops:  Relieves  prostate issues including weak stream and frequent urination.
Prostizine:  Formulated to support normal prostate function and healthy urinary flow. Reduces symptoms of prostate enlargement.  Equol is a metabolite of soy isoflavone that may help maintain health of the male glandular system.Decreases aromatase activity, slows hair loss and weight gain. Ingredients:  Phytosterol, Green tea extract, Saw palmetto berries, Equol, Lycopene.
HGH Vitality Hormone Balancing Drops:   Symptoms related to hormone imbalances or insufficiencies including, low energy, inability to handle stress, trouble focusing, changes in mood, infertility, lack of libido.
Anxious Drops:  Symptoms related to stress including mild anxiousness, worry, overwhelm, and mild fear.
Esteem:  Symptoms related to lack of self-esteem including codependency, lack of self-confidence and narcissism.