Mental & Emotional Healing Solutions ( Moods/Behavior/Reactions)

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Homeopathic Remedies for Mental Health Disorders have an over 75% success rate.  Homeopathic formulas are safe, non-addictive and will not become toxic as pharmaceutical drugs have the potential to do.

 Homeopathic formulas DETOXIFY THE BRAIN.  Formulas address the following conditions, memory, absent mindedness, attention issues, hyperactivity, aggression, brain detoxification, anger, mood swings, anxiety, apathy, abusive and addictive behaviors, obsessive compulsive disorder, brain fatigue, sadness, panic, phobias, stress, seasonal affective disorder, cognitive issues, thought health.

Conditions Require 2-Formulas:

Cerebro Detox + Specific Homeopathic Formula Targeted To Specific Condition.  

Brain Detox:  Cerebro Detox

Mood Swings + Cerebro Detox:  (Bi-Polar, Depression, ADHD, PMS, Impulsiveness, Fear, Adrenal & Thyroid Moods, Menopause Moods, Nervous Disorders, Over-reactions, Mania, Irritability, Extreme Moods.

Rage + Cerebro Detox:  (Anger Issues, Resentment, Impulsivity, Outbursts, Cursing, Physical Aggression, Temper Tantrums, Screaming, Raging Fits, Hormonal Rage, Bartonella Rage, People Who Hurt Themselves)

Grief + Cerebro Detox:  (Shock, Denial, Crying, Emotional Numbness, Guilt, Sense of Abandonment, Loss of Appetite, Lack of Self Confidence, Silent Grief, Feeling Stuck, Despair, Can't Get Out of Grief.)

Chronic Anxiety:  PTS + Cerebro Detox

Generalized Anxiety:  Anxious + Cerebro Detox

Panic:  PTS + Cerebro Detox

Phobias:  Stress Ease + Cerebro Detox

Chronic Stress:  PTS + Cerebro Detox

Acute Stress:  Anxious + Cerebro Detox

Seasonal Affective Disorder:  Mood Swings + Cerebro Detox

Sadness:  Elevate + Cerebro Detox

Thought Health:  Dopamine + Cerebro Detox

Cognitive Health:  Dynamic Brain + Cerebro Detox

Brain Fog:  Neuro + Cerebro Detox