PCOS Support (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome)

Size: Hormone Combination

$ 38.95

Insulin is a core issue in people with PCOS.  In most cases, Testosterone is too high, Estrogen is low and Progesterone is almost non-existent.
The diet must be changed.  No dairy, No sugar, No grains and No high insulin responding fruits and vegetables.
Drink lots of water to flush the body.
Balance Is Key.  Here's How:
Hormone Combination:  Relieves symptoms related to hormone imbalances or insufficiencies, including low energy, PCOS, inability to handle stress, trouble focusing, changes in mood, infertility, irregular menstrual cycles, lack of libido. This homeopathic formula effectively balances ALL hormones, including adrenals.

Progesterone:  Relieves symptoms related to dairy and milk products, mood swings, painful menses, nervousness, hot flashes, headaches, back and leg pain.   Progesterone down regulates estrogen activity. It is produced by the ovaries and is known to reduce anxiety, delivering a calming effect to the body and makes you feel happy.  Progesterone increases sleepiness, helps to build and maintain bones, slows the digestive process, promotes appetite and relieves fat storage. Symptoms of low progesterone include, heavy periods, PMS, tender breasts, hair loss, water retention, low sex drive, dry skin, acne, light or restless sleep, insomnia, fibroids.
  GlucoStasis & GlucoReg:  Relieves symptoms related to high blood sugar.  Combines essential nutrients, botanicals and antioxidants to support balanced blood sugar levels.  The ingredients work to encourage healthy insulin production and glucose utilization at the cellular level.  Helps regulate LDL's. Contains berberine, fenugreek, ALA's, Gymnemia leaf, bitter melon fruit,Indonesian cassia. *BOTH Are Needed.