BodyBio PC Phosphatidylcholine (Restores Brain Health And So Much More!)


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Phosphatidylcholine (PC)


Optimize your brain and body. BodyBio PC combines 4 forms of pure liposomal phospholipids for maximum absorption to support every cell.

BodyBio Has The CLEANEST PC  You Will Ever Find!

Phosphatidylcholine is an indispensable part of Mold illness and Lyme treatment thanks to its ability to amplify your own natural detoxification abilities while restoring healthy cellular function. 

PC is the ultimate supplement for the brain and body.  PC is the #1 tool for healthy methylation. PC rebuilds and protects your cells to help your body perform its best.  It combines 4 forms of pure phospholipids for quick absorption to rebuild every single cell in your body, benefitting your brain and overall health.

How It Helps:

-Clears brain fog
-Removes plaque from arteries
-Improves Thyroid receptor sites, improving thyroid function and health
-Improves the conversion of T4 to T3, thereby improving and normalizing reverse T3
-Supports cognitive functioning
-Key to cellular repair
-Enhances memory, recall, mental focus, clarity, and alertness.
-Vital to mitochondrial function
-Enhances nerve signling
-Improves liver function
-Maintains cell membrane fluidity and permeability
-Stabilizes bile, supports liver function.
-Lowers Stress, Improves anxiety and depressive states.
-Helps release mold and mycotoxins from the brain and liver.
-Detoxes fat soluble toxins and bio-toxins that have accumulated in the body over a lifetime.
-Reinforces gut mucosa.
-Supports lung health as a lung surfectant.

Replacing and supplementing PC is thought to improve mental focus, brain function, cellular repair and the removal of bio-toxins from the body. From a functional medicine perspective, it’s also considered vital for brain, neurotransmitter, liver, GI and kidney function and it is part of Lyme and Mold treatments when you are working with a Lyme or Mold literate practitioner.

PC is incredibly helpful for headaches, brain fog, mold, Lyme, concussions, menopause brain, memory, processing, recall, all forms of dementia and almost any neurological disorder.  Many patients report increased mental vibrancy and deeper sleep and an overall improvement in their health. 

How Long Before You Feel The Effects?

0-2 Weeks:
  As with any supplement your experiences will vary depending on your age, diet, exercise, and overall state of health.  PC will start increasing levels of phospholipids shortly after you take it and will continue to maintain those elevated levels with regular supplementation.
2-4 Weeks:  Typical results:  Increased clarity, mental alertness, energy and decreased brain fog.
4 Weeks:  Expect improved cognition and recall.  Long term users of PC have also reported boosts in quality of life and well-being as well as sustained energy throughout each day.  PC functions as a maintenance supplement, ensuring that cells maintain their health and integrity to function well throughout your life.  Similar to ensuring your car's performance does not decline over tie by doing frequent checkups, PC supplementation allows for continued optimal performance.

Derived From Purified Soy Lecithin.  There is NO soy in this product, no proteins at all, so it cannot elicit an immune reaction.  It is pure Phospholipids and NO soy.

The Difference Between Liquid PC and SoftGel PC

Many people ask what the difference between liquid and capsule phospholipid supplements are. PC liquid is more readily absorbed in the body since it does not have to be digested first since the capsule must be broken down in the digestion process.
The most important thing about choosing which format is picking the one that works best for you and motivates you to take PC consistency. Many doctors agree, it's not about how you take it and the important thing is to just get it in our bodies.

Liquid PC 

 PC is offered in a liquid form because it’s easier to get in high doses. For those working to reverse mitochondrial damage or support their body through chronic illness recovery, a higher dose of PC is often necessary, and it’s easier to get by the spoonful instead of swallowing 10+ capsules.
Liquid PC will also make anything it's mixed with into a liposomal suspension, which increases the bioavailability of other supplements you’re taking or nutrients from food.

Capsule PC

This PC is best for people who don’t like the taste of liquid PC and prefer to have capsules for travel, or only need a maintenance dose of PC. Capsules are easier to take on the fly and many people prefer them for this reason.
There is no difference in efficacy between capsules and liquid PC, just a different delivery vehicle.
The PC formula was developed over 20 years ago when our founder determined how to isolate and extract the phospholipids that make up our cell membrane. To ensure you know what is in your capsules, we third-party test for quality and efficacy. It is truly liposomal and according to customers it makes a real difference in their cognitive function, cellular membrane health, gut health, and so much more.


"I wrote down all of my many ailments before I found Body Bio. Two major ailments were Insomnia and the second was my feet have been cold for probably 20 yrs and I had Insomnia for probably the last 30 yrs. The same day I began taking PC I slept like a baby and every night since. At the one week mark I thought I was imagining things. I said to myself - nah your feet cannot be getting warm. Was a little on the fence. Fast forward to today and I was walking around barefoot (while the AC was on) when I usually have to have booties on my feet to keep them warm. I love this stuff!"  Vanessa S.

" I have noticed a bit better sleep but I have suffered from insomnia since childhood. I am definitely having more bowel movements! Better consistency and I can tell things are changing. My skin is breaking out some so I think toxins are moving out. I am not tired in the afternoons like I was and don't need caffeine for a pick me up."  Sandra P. 

"I put the PC in my blueberry smoothie and all is right in the world! Last night I slept so soundly that I don't even think I moved. Woke up with some energy which for me is saying a lot. I usually want to go right back to sleep. So, I'm really hoping I can build on this! My ears are draining and my sinuses are opening. Yay! And it's a subtle change but it seems like I'm having a little less difficulty with word retrieval."  Deb D.  

"It's only been 2 weeks and my energy is so much improved and I am sleeping better too!"
"My clothes are a little looser. I think I've lost some weight on this stuff."
"I've been stuck in this brain fog loop from mold illness. 2 weeks on the PC and I feel like it's lifting."
"It's helping to clear up my brain fog and improving my sleep.
PC is definitely a keeper."
"It has brought me clarity and extra energy."
"I'm not quite sure how to explain it, but, it's like I feel cleaner on the inside. I feel as though my insides have been scrubbed and cleaned." I know that sounds weird, but that's exactly how I feel!
"I have a tendency to be depressed at times and anxious. I have not felt either of those in about 2 weeks now, and the only thing I've done differently is the PC."
"I usually have bad periods, lots of cramping and pain. Didn't have any of that this month."  
"I am sleeping great now! I have good energy and it is sustained throughout the day. Word retrieval, memory and concentration are all so much better!! This makes me so happy 😃, and I just ordered 2 more bottles of PC." Deb D.

"In my final week of the September PC Challenge and I’ve noticed generally feeling good and a really nice consistent good mood, but today I received my female “friend”. With being 43 it typically is very irregular and I always have a “shark week” before it comes of just feeling crappy, bloated, tired, cramps, and my luteal phase has never been the full 14 days, it was always short (at most 9 days). This cycle on the PC challenge was wonderful! No shark week, a full 14 day luteal phase, no cramps or bloating….I literally wasn’t sure it was coming because I didn’t get the typical awfulness I’m so used to!  I plan on continuing with taking PC." Rosanne S.

"I can tell it’s working. Sleeping soundly. No tossing and turning at all!
Decreased fatigue. No afternoon crash. I have energy in the evening after working all day, which was rare before starting PC.
More brain clarity. All of this and it’s only the 1st week! Amazing!"  Kelli P.

About Soy Lecithin.  
BodyBio PC is derived from soy lecithin and the final product has zero presence of soy proteins - it is the protein component of soy that is allergenic and/or estrogenic. While we cannot guarantee our products do not contain trace amounts of soy protein, we routinely conduct DNA and allergen testing on each product with an independent laboratory. We test every single batch through a third party analysis. Our PC is created using a proprietary extraction process leaving a highly purified complex of PC, PE, PS and PI. Because of our extraction process, the final product is a complex of isolated phospholipids that form liposomes while soy lecithin will not form liposomes in the body. Liposomes pass through the digestive system, allowing nutrients to get directly to the cells.
Please consult your HCP before taking if you are allergic to soy.

Available In Liquid or Soft Gels

Some people eat the PC caps and say that they're like gummies. One customer said that they thought that sounded weird (and gross) but decided to give it a try and now can't stop eating them. She reported that you get a burst of the PC as soon as you bite into it and once the outer coating softens it's satisfyingly chewy.