BodyBio PC or PHOSPHATIDYLCHOLINE (Restores Brain Health)

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Phosphatidylcholine (PC)


Optimize your brain and body. BodyBio PC combines 4 forms of pure liposomal phospholipids for maximum absorption to support every cell.

BodyBio Has The CLEANEST PC  You Will Ever Find!

Phosphatidylcholine is an indispensable part of mold illness and lyme treatment thanks to its ability to amplify your own natural detoxification abilities while restoring healthy cellular function. 

PC is the ultimate supplement for the brain and body.  PC rebuilds and protects your cells to help your body perform its best.  It combines 4 forms of pure phospholipids for quick absorption to rebuild every single cell in your body, benefitting your brain and overall health.

How It Helps:

-Clears brain fog
-Supports cognitive functioning
-Key to cellular repair
-Enhances memory, recall, mental focus, clarity, and alertness.
-Vital to mitochondrial function
-Enhances nerve signling
-Improves liver function
-Maintains cell membrane fluidity and permeability
-Stabilizes bile, supports liver function.
-Lowers Stress, Improves anxiety and depressive states.
-Helps release mold and mycotoxins from the brain and liver.
-Detoxes fat soluble toxins and bio-toxins that have accumulated in the body over a lifetime.
-Reinforces gut mucosa.
-Supports lung health as a lung surfectant.

Replacing and supplementing PC is thought to improve mental focus, brain function, cellular repair and the removal of bio-toxins from the body. From a functional medicine perspective, it’s also considered vital for brain, neurotransmitter, liver, GI and kidney function and it is part of Lyme and Mold treatments when you are working with a Lyme or Mold literate practitioner.

PC is incredibly helpful for headaches, brain fog, mold, Lyme, concussions, menopause brain, memory, processing, recall, all forms of dementia and almost any neurological disorder.  Many patients report increased mental vibrancy and deeper sleep and an overall improvement in their health. 

How Long Before You Feel The Effects?

0-2 Weeks:
  As with any supplement your experiences will vary depending on your age, diet, exercise, and overall state of health.  PC will start increasing levels of phospholipids shortly after you take it and will continue to maintain those elevated levels with regular supplementation.
2-4 Weeks:  Typical results:  Increased clarity, mental alertness, energy and decreased brain fog.
4 Weeks:  Expect improved cognition and recall.  Long term users of PC have also reported boosts in quality of life and well-being as well as sustained energy throughout each day.  PC functions as a maintenance supplement, ensuring that cells maintain their health and integrity to function well throughout your life.  Similar to ensuring your car's performance does not decline over tie by doing frequent checkups, PC supplementation allows for continued optimal performance.