Life's Healthiest Sea Salt (Thyroid and Adrenal Health)

Life's Healthiest

$ 24.95

Sea Salt (Thyroid and Adrenal Health)

(Iodine Protocol Recommended)

Pure, Unrefined Sea Salt - 1 Lb.

Great For Adrenals, Thyroid and Iodine Protocol Detoxing

There are many brands of Sea Salt with varying degrees of purity as to how clean it is and where it is sourced. Not all are the same and, therefore, not equal either. You would not want to use a salt that has been harvested near a plant that dumps chemicals in the waters near that facility. For those of you who have asked how the Healing Solutions Sea Salt compares to Celtic sea salt. Celtic Sea Salt is a 'brand name,' just one among many brands selling sea salt. It's a little misleading because it is not harvested in Ireland, Scotland or Wales, but from other countries all over the world. As I have done with other products in the past, I have educated myself about sea salt and can now offer an excellent product with the Healing Solutions Health trusted brand name.

The Healing Solutions unrefined sea salt is the purest I have sourced to date and is, therefore, the one I recommended for thyroid and adrenal health, cooking, seasoning and also for the Iodine Protocol.