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Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame ChhC, AADP

Smart Silver (This is NOT Collodial, It's BETTER!)

Smart Silver (This is NOT Collodial, It's BETTER!)

$ 24.95

Smart Silver

Dubbed as the "Magical Solution," this formula is a Broad Spectrum Anti-Microbial and Anti-Biotic with NO side effects.  Smart Silver can minimize the potential of a herx reaction and  is NOT collodial silver.  Collodial uses larger particles, can accumulate in the body and become toxic. Collodial can cause side effects such as blue man syndrome. 

Smart Silver Facts:  

Unlike Collodial, Smart Silver does not build up.  The particles exit the body in 24 hours.
There are no negative interactions with any drugs.
It is probiotic friendly.
Smart Silver kills off HIV, Malaria, Bird Flu, Animal H5N1.
Smart Silver enhances the effectiveness of 95/96 antibiotics, some 10x more effective.
Smart Silver is safe for humans and animals and can be used both topically and internally.
There have been 400 studies and test series conducted on Smart Silver and 10k microbial studies.
Smart Silver can be used topically for burns, minor cuts, abrasions, skin irritations and infections.  It can even be used on your toothbrush for better oral care.
Smart Silver is shelf stable for 16 years.
Smart Silver lasts up to 3 days on the skin.
Smart Silver is highly effective for viruses, yeast, fungus, bacteria and parasites.
Smart Silver is comprised of very small particles (10ppm) and is more effective, does not accumulate and will not cause toxicity.

Option 1: Oral SPRAY

 Option 2: Topical GEL

(Can be used on Toothbrush, Hands For Disinfecting After Touching Surfaces and Door Handles)

Option 3:  Liquid 8oz + Nasal Sprayer

(Can be used Topically and Internally If You Get Sick or Hurt.  Can be used in a Waterpik or gargle.)

 Silver is considered to be the most universal antibiotic substance proven useful against over 650 different infectious conditions. Silver is pure, nontoxic and has received the utmost care in research, testing and manufacturing.

Silver is an engineered nanoparticle, not a colloidal silver. It is manufactured using 10,000 volts of current, energizing the entire waterbase, enabling Silver to work as a catalyst to kill bacteria as it draws energy from its environment and emits energy at wavelengths that are measured at 890 to 910 terahertz. This is the same frequency at which germicidal ultraviolet light resonates and is deadly to bacteria. Therefore, Silver, due to the patented revolutionary process of its manufacture, does not deal with bacteria on merely a chemical level, as do colloidal silvers, but also works on a measurable energetic level.

Bacteria and fungi such as candida albicans, E. Coli, Legionella Pneumophil, Salmonella, Staphylococcus Aureus and Streptococcus Faecilis are in the news of Health Organizations Worldwide as they try to combat these diseases. There is a new interest in Silver as an exciting, nontoxic antibacterial product for common bacteria, eye/ear Infections, nasal and lung congestions, allergies, colonics/douches, and as a water disinfectant.

4 oz.
INDICATIONS: Abscesses, aches and pains: flu related, acne, anthrax, asthma, bacteria, bladder inflammation, boils, bronchial constriction, bronchial cough and bronchitis, burns, carbuncles, catarrh, congestion, cough, cystitis, dermatitis, ear, flu, gastrointestinal distress, gingivitis, immune dysfunction, infections, kidney dysfunction, laryngitis, liver dysfunction, mucous congestion, nasal/sinus congestion, pain: general, periodontal disease, pneumonia, rhinitis, sinusitis, stomach discomfort, strep throat, swollen glands, thyroid dysfunction, tonsillitis, wounds