Streptococcus Clearing Kit (PANDAS)

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Streptococcus Clearing Kit

Kit Can Be Used For PANDAS. Pandas: Babies and young children become allergic to strep and they 

(Homeopathy uproots and clears infections so that they are not a problem for you any longer.    Symptom Clearing treatment works with the body so that your body itself is doing the killing of the pathogens. It is an immunological treatment.

The biggest issue with chronic infections and viruses like Lyme, Mold, EBV, Herpes, 
Strep and other Viruses, is that they tend to evade the immune system which means viruses become latent until they reactivate or as in the case of lyme, they continue to travel through your body reproducing and getting deep into tissue causing more damage.

The intention behind Symptom Clearing Therapy is to get the immune system to recognize the virus or infection, and start to attack. Our immune system is incredibly strong, it just needs to have the guidance to know what to kill or not to kill which is how the therapy works. Each dose of treatment has essentially a form of inactive virus or bacteria DNA which you are targeting. As you take the dose, the body will recognize this new invader and create specialized peptides and antibodies to attack all of the virus or bacteria. This means, suddenly the immune system is awakened and the new antibodies are finally able to see the virus or infection that is all throughout the body and kills it. Each dose in the series are in a different strength & frequency. This is done very carefully so that its ability to target the virus or bacteria as accurate as it can get. 

Symptom Clearing Treatment Kits are completed over a 6-7month period.

As your immune system awakens and fights the offending pathogens, you feel better and as you recover, your immune system is being liberated from the hold it has been under all these years from chronic infections and viruses.

Step 1:  Drainage Remedies To Clear The Pathways of Detoxification
Step 2:  Begin With The Comprehensive Detoxification Kit Or the Omni-Cleanse Detoxification Kit.  
Drainage and Detox will relieve symptoms of detoxification throughout the entire body, keeping pathways open and clear.  

Month 1 & 2:  2 Kits- Strep Specific Low Potency Homeopathic Kits Up-regulate the Immune System. 

Month 3 & 4 :  1 - Strep Medium Potency Kit

Month 5 & 6: 1 - Strep High Potency Homeopathic Kits

Smart Silver - Works synergistically with the kits to strengthen the immune system against infections and clear out pathogens. (This is not collodiol silver)

Strep Plus Pandas Drops: For relief of symptoms related to Streptococcus such as rash, nausea, body aches, rage, anxiety, and impulsivity.

Strep Homochord Drops:  Formula contains all of the homeopathic dilutions found in the Symptom Clearing kit in one bottle. The homochord is taken after the completion of the Basic Series Protocol as a follow-up or a booster.
**Comprehensive Detoxification Kit: Recommended prior to the Strep Kit to relieve symptoms of detoxification throughout the entire body which will help the kits to work more effectively. This protocol keep pathways open and clear. 

Each Series Kit in 3 different potencies for a total duration of 6-7 months. Vitamin C to support the immune system and manage detoxification and Silver (not collodiol) to help with herxing and moving pathogens out of the body.