Summer Slim Kit (Weight Loss)

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Summer Slim Kit

Jump Starts The Metabolism And Gets It Working Again!

Rebalances And Restores The Metabolism, Regulates Blood Sugar, Increases ATP Production. Assists with Slimming Down, Curbs Emotional Eating, Sugar Imbalances, Diverts Your Attention From Cravings For Food And Eating At The Wrong Time.  Supports Metabolism, Energizes The Body, Helps With Carbohydrate Metabolism So You Aren't Storing Carbs.

Kit Contains The Following:

OptimaLean Nutrients in powder form that further support healthy body composition by encouraging healthy carbohydrate metabolism and supporting blood sugar levels already within normal range.  Fills Nutrient Needs.

Habit Formula For the relief of symptoms related to cravings such as alcohol, sugar, smoking. 

Professional Weight Support Tablets For the relief of symptoms related to increased appetite, regulation of fat metabolism and detoxification of stress. 

Instructions For Using The Kit:  

OptimaLean Is Used As A Meal Replacement, 1-2 Servings of OptimaLean per day, Breakfast and Lunch.  You can put the 10 drops of Habit into the OptimaLean, 1 scoop with 10 drops of Habit.  Take 1 tablet of Weight Support After Drinking The OptimaLean.  You Can Use This Program For 2-8 Weeks. 

Drink Plenty of Water, Eliminate Bad Oils, Sugars, Flours and Processed Food.  Try To Eliminate Starchy Veggies During The Process.  No junk!  Eat From The Earth. 

Eat To Lose!

*Desbio paired these products together to combine metabolism, food choices, and healthy eating to get you that much closer to their goals!