Vaccine Toxicity Relief: All Vaccines. Plus, Covid Long Haulers Recovery & Newly Diagnosed Covid Cases

Size: Vaxr-hc Reaction + Multiple Miasm

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Do You Know What's In a Vaccine?

Option 1:  For Vaccine Protection: Vaxr-HC  + Miasm

The Vaxr:HC and Miasm relieve symptoms related to vaccine reactions and vaccine toxicity.  Key ingredients in these formulations are a universal antidote against the side effects and common problems that develop from vaccine injections, including fever, headache, muscle pain, rash, cough, lethargy, and aching back. 

Formulas should be used before, during and after vaccines.  Instructions for using these formulas will be sent to you with your order.



Option 2:  For Long Haulers Syndrome & Newly Diagnosed Covid Cases:  Respiratory PLUS + Miasm

The Resp Plus + Miasm help with symptoms of Long Haulers due to the virus.  Boosts the immune system and lifts Coronavirus out of the body.




"I did not want to get the covid vaccine, but I work in a school and had to.  I used the Vaxr-hc + Miasm, following Karen's instructions for dosing and I am so glad I did.  A lot of the reported side effects from the vaccine, I did not experience at all and I'm sure it was because I prepared my body with these drops."  Leigh G.

"My 25 year old son got Covid and even though he did not have to be hospitalized, he was very sick and suffered a lot. Seeing him like this really scared me so I decided to take the vaccine.  I bough the Respiratory HomoChord + Miasm followed the protocol for dosing.  The only side effect was a sore arm at the injection site which only lasted 12 hours. The homeopathic drops are fantastic!"  Jan M.

"After seeing my adult son go through a horrible bout with the Covid infection, I decided to get the vaccine.  I was so scared, reading all the possible adverse reactions.  I used the Vaccine Toxicity Relief products and I really believe they made a huge difference because the only thing I felt was a sore arm, that's all!"  Jenny G.


Respiratory HomoChord

Contains the 229E RNA stain of Coronavirus.  Boosts the immune system pull the Coronavirus out of the body. *This formula is excellent for Long Haulers Symptoms.