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Lyme disease and mold illness generally go hand in hand, because both are immunosuppressive that one conditions the body for the other and makes it more susceptible, given the exposure.

The question of which came first is many times not clear. Did the mold lower your immune system enough that it couldn't deal with the Lyme infections that you were exposed to, or did the Lyme suppress your immune system enough to make your body unable to process the mold toxins properly?

The symptoms of Lyme and mold toxicity also have very heavy overlap, which makes a clear diagnosis harder without sensitive labs.

You can save some money when you purchase both the Tickborne 1.0 lab and the Mycotoxins lab by using this lab combo.

If you are on any steroids or other immunosuppressant drugs, they will inhibit your body's ability to produce antibodies (including those for Lyme and coinfections). It's recommended to do antibody testing (like the Tickborne Lyme testing) after being off those drugs for 6-8 weeks. Otherwise, you may receive false-negative results. 

The Mycotoxins lab is not affected by these drugs.