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Lyme disease, one of the most misdiagnosed, undiagnosed and hidden infections.

Lyme and co-infections can come from any blood sucking insect. Mosquitos, spiders, fleas and others are also able to infect.

It can also be passed from mother to baby in the womb, between sexual partners and also through other means which have the sharing of fluids. The likelihood of infection from any means is based solely on the health of your immune system and your innate ability to defend yourself from the infections, just like your body does with any pathogen.

Many people have been told they have chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia or it's all in your head? Many Lyme sufferers have to eventually take things into their own hands if they want a proper diagnosis. Investing in a sensitive lab like this can finally give you the data you need to get pointed in the right direction.

Vibrant Wellness Lab Offers:

1. An ultra-high-density protein microarray for accurate serum detection.
This means they have the most advanced technology for finding specific bacteria.

2. Number of species tested
The Vibrant Immunochip is made from recombinant proteins of several species of Borrelia, not just from B31 used by other Western blot tests.

3. We check twice.

Vibrant has the most comprehensive antibody (indirect) and DNA (direct) test for detection of Lyme and co-infections.

4. Early detection.

The Vibrant Tickborne Diseases panel provides the earliest identification between different tickborne disease.

What does Tickborne 1.0 check for?

1.  Borrelia strains - Over 15 strains tested (Lyme disease)
2. TBRF (Tick-borne relapsing fever)
3. Babesia - 2 strains tested (Lyme coinfection)
4. Bartonella - 4 strains tested (Lyme coinfection)
5. Anaplasma (Lyme coinfection)
6. Ehrlichea (Lyme coinfection)

How do you do this test?

This is a dried blood spot kit (you can do it at home!). This measures antibody (IgG and IgM) responses to these infections. Note, this does not offer the PCR testing as well, only the blood draw offers that in conjunction with the IgG and IgM testing.

You will receive 2 cardboard cards with a total of 9 circles which will need a drop of blood in the middle of each circle, from a prick on your finger. Instructions for collection will also come with your lab kit. 

If you are on any steroids or other immunosuppressant drugs, they will inhibit your body's ability to produce antibodies (including those for Lyme and coinfections). It's recommended to do antibody testing (like this testing) after being off those drugs for 6-8 weeks. Otherwise, you may receive false-negative results. 

(Tickborne 1.0 results go to half way down page 16, ending right before Rickettsia results. Dried blood spot does not include PCR testing. The antibody testing is far more sensitive than the PCR testing.

For Your Information:

  1. Lab tests are non-refundable
  2. Send an email if you have any questions about collection
  3. Labs come with return shipping
  4. Read all collection instructions contained in the kit
  5. Return tests to lab within 60 days of order