Fat Reduction (Visceral-Abdominal)

$ 79.95



Visceral Fat Reduction

(Abdominal Weight Loss)

Visceral fat is fat that surrounds the organs. Though it is not visible from the outside, it is associated with numerous diseases.

In double-blind, placebo-controlled, 12 week studies, the active ingredient in this supplement has been shown to reduce body weight, waist circumference, and abdominal fat, and also helps to maintain healthy blood glucose levels in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle program. Do you carry excess belly fat around your waist? If so, chances are you have visceral fat. This type of fat surrounds your internal organs. The ingredient in this product helps reduce visceral fat in two ways. It lessens the body’s own natural fat forming processes, while it increases the activity of fat-burning enzymes.


-Breaks plateaus and reduces hunger.

-Contains the powerhouse ingredient Equol.

-Studies demonstrate that Equol significantly reduces abdominal weight.

-Also contains chromium, carallum fimriata, green tea extract, raspberry ketones, griffonia seed and guggulipid.

-Suppresses the Formation of Visceral Fat.
-May Support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels When Used as a Part of the Diet.
-Helps Reduce Body Weight and Waist Circumference in Conjunction With a Healthy Lifestyle Plan. 

*Great For Individuals over 40 with spare tire around the middle, cortisol related weight gain, visceral/abdominal hard fat.