DesBio Evolution Weight Management Program


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Evolution Weight Management

The Kit Is Designed To Be A 23 Day Program, But You Can Do The 40 Day Program If You Prefer.

The Evolution Weight Management Program is a highly popular body composition/weight loss program. Evolution is a combination of a well-researched low-calorie diet, HA2cg Homeopathic Formula which burns fat and resets your metabolism, and other products to support healthy metabolism, fat burning, curb cravings and suppress hunger. 

NOTE:  *1-Kit Provides For The  23 Day Program.  If You Want To Do The 40 Day Program, You'll Need To Purchase An Extra Bottle Of Crave Control And An Extra Bottle Of Appetite Control Drops.

23-Day or 40-Day Program

Day Lean-Body (500 Calorie Protocol):  Involves an extremely calorie restricted diet with no exercise for people with more sedentary lifestyles and significant weight loss goals. If your goal is to lose more than 15 lbs.

Day Active-Lifestyle (1000 Calorie Protocol):  Requires a limited calorie diet but also encourages exercise.  This protocol is for those who want to lose moderate amounts of excess body fat, under 15 lbs. (*ORDER OMNI-MEAL POWDER TO COMPLETE THIS PROGRAM)

The Evolution Weight Management Kit includes all the homeopathic and nutritional formulas necessary for you to complete the 23-Day Program.

-Comprehensive Detoxification Kit (6-Formulas)

-HA2cg Evolution Drops (Resets the Hypothalamus To Burn Stored Fat)

-Crave Control Supplement (Manages Strong Cravings For Carbs and Starches)

-Appetite Control Supplement (Suppresses Hunger)

NOTE:  *1-Kit Provides For The  23 Day Program.  If You Want To Do The 40 Day Program, You'll Need To Purchase An Extra Bottle Of Crave Control And An Extra Bottle Of Appetite Control Drops.

Kit includes a page by page guide to the program and a variety of example calendars, weight-loss logs, etc. to help your you adhere to the diet and be successful

 Add On's And Maintenance Products: 

Professional Weight Support Drops (To Be Used After You Complete The Program): Stimulates Continued Fat Burning And Metabolism Regulation.  

OmniMeal: Combines nutrients for high quality nutrition. OmniMeal features food-sourced bio-available vitamins and minerals, whey protein to support healthy body composition and sustainable energy. Probiotics, specialty nutrients, and antioxidant blends support digestive health, immunity, antioxidant activity, healthy detoxification processes, and overall well-being.

OptimaLean: Great-tasting powdered beverage formula designed to promote weight-management and healthy metabolic activity with a multivitamin and mineral blend that includes bioactive forms of essential micronutrients. The specialty nutrients in OptimaLean further support healthy body composition by encouraging healthy carbohydrate metabolism and supporting blood sugar levels already within normal range.


This Program Is NOT For Individuals With The Following:

Weak or Compromised Immune System

People with brittle or hard to control diabetes

People with Graves disease

People with high blood pressure requiring medication

People with low blood pressure

People with cancer that has not been in complete remission for at least 5 years or those undergoing chemotherapy

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding

Patients with tuberculosis

People with gallbladder colic

People with gout or unstable angina

People with anxiety or depression

People with alcoholism or other addictions

People with a history of drug abuse

Those with electrolyte imbalances or dehydration issues

Anyone with historical cardiac arrhythmias

Not for those under 18 or over 70


"Followed the 500 calorie HA2CG Diet along with these drops and lost 10lbs on the first month."  Kim

" I was excited to receive my drops in the mail. So far the detox is going good. I like the option to put the drops in water because I can barely taste the drops, so it's easy. The program is well laid out and I'm just overall happy with my purchase and I love Desbio products." R. Webber.

"My wife and I use this every year in January.  It works great and we always achieve our weight loss goals."  Sean G. 
I am so thankful for this program. It helped me to shed 26.3 lbs of stubborn weight and inflammation and both my sister and mom have also completed the program with awesome results! 

Sister: 18.2lbs in 4 weeks
Mom:  15lbs in 4 weeks
Titrating off of Thyroid meds (led by their MD).
Sleeping better.
No hot flashes
Higher sex drive


**ADD 30 Minutes Of Flex Time Support If You Have Questions On Navigating Through The Kit Or Need Help.