Weight Management Evolution

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Evolution Weight Management -

This is a 23 Day Program

This is a highly popular body composition support program. The program is a combination of a well-researched low-calorie diet, hA2cg Evolution (a homeopathic designed to temporarily relieve the symptoms of low-calorie dieting), and other homeopathic products and nutraceuticals to support healthy metabolism and address the symptoms of hunger.  

Chose From 1 of 2 Programs: 

Lean-Body (500 Calorie Protocol):  Involves an extremely calorie restricted diet with no exercise for people with more sedentary lifestyles and significant weight loss goals. If your goal is to lose more than 15 lbs.

Active-Lifestyle (1000 Calorie Protocol):  Requires a limited calorie diet but also encourages exercise.  This protocol is for those who want to lose moderate amounts of excess body fat, under 15 lbs. (*ORDER OMNI-MEAL POWDER TO COMPLETE THIS PROGRAM)

Kit includes all the homeopathic and nutritional formulas necessary for you to complete a 23-day diet option of the Weight Management Evolution Lean Body protocol. Additional kits would need to be purchased in order to extend the program.

-Comprehensive Detoxification Kit 

HA2cg Evolution Drops

Crave Control Supplement

Appetite Control Supplement 

It also includes a page by page guide to the program and a variety of example calendars, weight-loss logs, etc. to help your you adhere to the diet and be successful.


This Program Is NOT For Individuals With The Following:

Weak or Compromised Immune System

People with brittle or hard to control diabetes

People with Graves disease

People with high blood pressure requiring medication

People with low blood pressure

People with cancer that has not been in complete remission for at least 5 years or those undergoing chemotherapy

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding

Patients with tuberculosis

People with gallbladder colic

People with gout or unstable angina

People with anxiety or depression

People with alcoholism or other addictions

People with a history of drug abuse

Those with electrolyte imbalances or dehydration issues

Anyone with historical cardiac arrhythmias