Oregano Oil - Nature's Antibiotic


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Size: Physicians Strength Wild Oregano Oil 60 Softgels

Wild Oregano Oil

This Unique Oregano Oil Blend Has Been The Subject Of Several Recent Studies And Supported By Research At The Georgetown University Medical Center.

A study published in the journal Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, tested the efficacy of oregano oil against the fungal infection Candida albicans (better known as a yeast infection). The researchers concluded that oil of oregano "can act as a potent antifungal agent against Candida albicans." 
Other experimental studies have shown that this unique blend of oil of oregano kills at least 30 different strains of harmful bacteria, such asstaphylococcus aureus, as well as other microorganisms, including coronaviruses, which are the second most common viruses to cause the common cold. Coronaviruses can also cause pneumonia and other respiratory infections.
This oil of oregano has also been shown to kill the Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) bacterium, which is known to be a causal factor in up to 90 percent of duodenal ulcers and 80 percent of stomach (gastric) ulcers. A small clinical trial initiated in 2003 demonstrated that oil of oregano showed positive results in patients with stomach and duodenal ulcers.
Oregano Oil is a powerful natural germ-killer. It also boosts the immune system by increasing gamma interferon levels. 


Oregano Oil is effective for various infectious conditions:

  1. Colds, flu, acute bronchitis and sinusitis - two capsules every four hours at the earliest signs of a cold or flu bug (or sinusitis), to help abort the condition and/or minimize symptoms and duration.
  2. Chronic bronchitis and chronic asthma - two capsules twice per day until condition improves to a significant degree, and then reduce or eliminate the dosage, depending upon improvement.
  3. Chronic mono and chronic fatigue - two capsules twice per day along with other supplements to boost immune and energy systems.
  4. Candida and yeast infections - two capsules three times per day until significant improvement is realized, upon which a lower maintenance dosage should be followed, until complete resolution of the problem is achieved.
  5. Duodenal and gastric (stomach) ulcers - three capsules twice per day (can be taken in conjunction with other medicines aimed at killing the H. pylori bacterium).
  6. Acne and rosacea - oil of oregano can also kill the bacteria and skin mite associated with acne and rosacea, respectively. Some patients have seen improvement in these conditions when taking two capsules twice per day. A topical oil of oregano cream applied at night can further assist in these cases.
  7.  H.pylori and stomach ulcer.

 Option 1:  Wild Oregano Oil GelCaps

Wild Oregano capsules are 100% wild, handpicked oregano from the Mediterranean mountains. It is the ideal, unprocessed, wild oregano for supporting a healthy immune system and digestion. Wild Oregano is rich in the natural trace minerals necessary to support healthy bones and joints.* It also contains the powerful mountain berry Rhus coriaria for increased absorption. Use this ancient formula daily for best results.


Option 2:  Emulsified Gradual Release Oil of Oregano

Oregano which is emulsified and processed in a gradual release form for optimal effectiveness.  Studied and recommended by Bastyr University for H.pylori and stomach ulcers.
60 capsules
1 tablet/50mg
For h.pylori or ulcer take 1 tablet 3x/day with food.