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Biotics Research Thyroid - Sex Hormones - Adrenals - Iodine Therapy

GTA and GTA Forte: NDT without a prescription! Because Biotics Research has a pharmaceutical license, they are the ONLY supplement company making NDT using Procine (not Bovine). Porcine is the key ingredient used in prescription thyroid medication.
Meda-Stem: Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanicals that help convert T4 to T3!
ThyroStim: Broad spectrum formula provides all the key nutrients needed for producing thyroid hormones.
Iodizyme-HP: High potency iodine supplement, supplying both iodine and iodide. 12.5mg strength.
ADHS: For Hyper-Adrenalism: Adaptogenic adrenal formulation designed to support normal cortisol levels. It features a comprehensive blend of supportive vitamins, minerals and herbal adaptogens. Lowers high cortisol.
Cytozyne AD: For Hypo-Adrenalism: Contains a unique proprietary complex of neonatal bovine tissue and porcine tissue concentrates to help support adrenal health and function. Raises low cortisol.
Hormone Balance & Protect: Increases the bio-availability of your sex hormones whether you use prescription, homeopathic or no hormone therapy at all. Helps with sex hormone imbalances and deficiencies. Hormone Balance and Protect makes sure that hormones are being detoxified and cleared from your body properly.
Receptor Detox: Clears receptor sites all over the body to make hormones and iodine as effective as possible. Detoxes receptor sites safely, ensuring healthy hormone signaling. Great for mature individuals on hormone therapy and those using the Iodine Protocol. Clears toxic halogens from iodine receptors.

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