DesBio Leaky Gut Support

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Fixing Leaky Gut Can Take 6 - 12 Months To Heal

If You've Developed A Leaky Gut From Antibiotic Therapy, It Can Take Up To 2-Years To Recover From Microbiome Damage Caused By These Drugs.


-Every person who has tested positive for MTHFR has a leaky gut.

-People with inflammatory gut disorders are 3 times more likely to experience depression and/or anxiety. 

-A diet that is primarily plants, can literally shift the diversity of the microbiome in as little as 4-days and metabolic concerns too. 

-Probiotics (SBO's) are necessary to heal and change the microbiome for the better and should be used every day for the long haul.  They modulate pathogenic inflammation , regulate immune response, enhance innate immunity, promote intestinal homeostasis and stimulate protective responses.

-Long term consequences of leaky gut and decreased microbial diversity can result in an overgrowth of dominant species of bad bacteria, further loss of favorable good flora, IBS, Autoimmune diseases, Obesity, Metabolic Disorders, Type 2 Diabetes, Allergies, Neurological disorder.


Intestinal Support Kit Repairs, Heals & Seals The Gut:

Contains the most powerful nutraceuticals, probiotics, and homeopathics to support digestive health and manage uncomfortable GI symptoms. This kit can also be used for general gastrointestinal health. Kit contains 3-products, Intestinal Restore Powder, Leaky Gut Drops and a Probiotic that heals and seals.


Top 3 Products Used For At Least 6 Months

Leaky Gut Formula:  For relief of symptoms related to leaky gut syndrome such as fatigue, seasonal allergies, joint pain, occasional constipation, mental fogginess and occasional diarrhea.

Intestinal Restore:  Provides multifaceted support for digestive health and intestinal integrity. Intestinal Restore features Tegricel®, a source of serum antibodies and immunoglobulins, to support the healthy functioning of the gastrointestinal immune system. L-Glutamine is the preferred amino acid for regeneration of intestinal cells while mucilaginous herbs soothe inflamed and damaged tissues. Finally, digestive enzymes encourage healthy digestion and absorption of macronutrients.
Candida Plus Formula: For relief of symptoms related to Candida albicans infection such as nausea, drowsiness, lethargy, confusion, vaginal discharge, sensitivities to foods and mucous congestion.


MegaSporeBiotic:  This is a soil based organism which is the best type of probiotic for healing the gut.  It has been shown to support the healing of leaky gut by closing the junctions between colonocytes, increasing the thickness of the intestinal mucosa, and up-regulating secretory IgA levels that support the body's natural defense against infections.  Take every day for at least 6-12 months.  

Butyrate:  Have well-documented anti-inflammatory effects, reduces intestinal permeability, and enhances the production of natural anti-microbial agents.

Motil Ease: Specially formulated to help promote healthy bowel regularity. Capsules combine magnesium citrate, with the gentle power of Triphala for occasional constipation, digestive and bowel support.