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Methylation & Epigenetic Health

Supporting Methylation Through Food, Provides Food For Your Genes.

Food Based Methyl-Donor Foods Are Best For Methylation And Are Better Than Supplements. 

The way that we regulate gene expression, the way we dictate what gene is on at a given time and what gene is off is DNA Methylation and what moves the needle in the right way is Methyl-Donor Foods.  Food works better than supplements because they influence DNA Methylation in the right way.

When Methylation is working, it's like turning on a light switch in the body. When methylation is turned on and functioning optimally, it can optimize heart health, sleep, libido, hormones, gut health, mental health, detoxification and so much more. When methylation is turned off, many processes of the body will struggle to function at the highest level. 
As we age, we become less efficient at Methylating. We start to turn on genes we want off and turn off genes we want on!

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