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What Are The Symptoms And What Those Symptoms Are Telling You."
Survive And Live Well Radio Show on w4csradio
June 24, 2014:  Host, Elyn Jacobs interviews Guest, Karen Dame, CHHC, AADP to discuss the symptoms of peri-menopause and thyroid.  Learn to idenify those symptoms and how to balance your hormones, support your liver and lower your risk of cancer.
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"Hypothyroidism Was Responsible For My Son's Missed Adolescence" 
Article Published on Hypothyroid Mom Website, Blog, Twitter and Facebook Page
"Your Gut Controls Your Health"
Survive And Live Well Radio Show on w4cs Radio
August 12, 2014:  Guest Host, Karen Dame, CHHC, AADP, interviews Dr. Jeffrey Robinson, DC.  Listen to the show replay and learn how to identify and treat the root cause of illness and disease by fixing the gut.
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"The Devastation of an Undiagnosed Hypothyroid Adolescent"
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The Great Plains Laboratory Newsletter February, 2016
By Heather Getz
You may be familiar with the recent trend in the world of special diets, especially those that eliminate nightshade plants, like the Autoimmune Protocol Diet or Autoimmune Paleo Diet, of "nomato" food items. Several dedicated home and professional cooks have worked hard to produce marinara sauce, ketchup, and other typical food favorites that have no tomatoes and no peppers of any kind (sweet or hot). This has been such a great thing for those of us who've had to eliminate nightshades because our
bodies have an irregular inflammatory response to them. For some it causes or worsens rheumatoid arthritis. For me and those like me, it causes an inflammatory skin response or eczema, and may irritate our gut lining as well. Those with multiple sclerosis often benefit from following a version of a paleo and/or autoimmune diet that cuts out nightshades and other potentially inflammatory foods. A great example is Dr. Terry Wahls, who reversed the symptoms of her multiple sclerosis by following her own customized anti‐inflammatory diet, the Wahls Protocol. Anyone with an autoimmune condition of any kind or even disorders that may involve brain inflammation, like depression, should look at eating an anti‐inflammatory diet, eliminating common inflammatory foods, as well as those they specifically have
an allergy or sensitivity to, determined through testing.After having already eliminating gluten, dairy, processed foods, GMO's, and more, it was a truly sad day for me when I had to cut out nightshades. The nightshade family of plants includes tomatoes, peppers (sweet and hot), tomatillos, white potatoes, eggplant, and even goji berries and gooseberries. No tomatoes? No peppers? Those had been staples in my diet for as long as I can remember! And they're so good for you! Would I ever be able to eat Italian or Mexican food again? What about Thai and Indian food? Eating out at restaurants has become nigh impossible, as anyone on these restrictive diets knows all too well. Luckily, I love to cook. I've had to very much modify my cooking at home to try to create things that at least feel and taste inspired by those cuisines, especially when I'm not just cooking for myself.
I'd been reading about "nomato" sauce for some time, but just thought there's no way it would be a satisfying substitute for marinara, so why bother going to the trouble of making it? There are varying versions of the recipe, but the primary swap for tomatoes is a combo of beets and carrots (there's also a
version that uses pumpkin). I found a pre‐made product online by The Beet Lady, and decided to order a bottle of it. It was expensive, but I have to say, I was beyond impressed. I doctored it up slightly,adding a bit more Italian seasoning, red wine vinegar, garlic, and olive oil, but I was very pleased with
both the texture and taste of it with my organic, gluten‐free, brown rice and quinoa pasta (yes, I still eat some grains) and seasoned grassfed ground beef. I bet it would be great over some zoodles (zucchini noodles) too. Do be aware that most nomato sauce is more dark pink or fuschia in color than red, but Isuggest eating it in a dimly lit room, and you won't really notice the difference. The Beet Lady's sauce was really good (she also makes a ketchup that kids are apparently raving about.)

February 2016:  Nationally known and respected Food Blogger, Kelli Bliss, just published a review of The Beet Lady products. Thank you, for including me in your latest blog, Kelli. I am thrilled you enjoyed The Beet Lady.