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Nitric Oxide Tablets: Berkeley Life Nitric Oxide Tablets

Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide support for a healthy cardiovascular system.
A Nobel Prize was awarded in 1998 for the discovery that nitric oxide plays a significant role in the cardiovascular system. Nitric oxide is naturally made in our body but the fact is you produce less of it as you age.

At its very core, nitric oxide is the molecule responsible for healthy circulation, where it supports healthy blood vessels and micro-circulation allowing oxygen and nutrient delivery to cells.

Nitric oxide levels are improved by supplementing your diet with dietary nitrates which are the bio-equivalent to those found in Beets and Spinach. Raising nitric oxide levels is always best when they are from food sources.  However, some people cannot eat these vegetables duo to oxalate sensitivities and for this reason, nitric oxide tablets have been made available. This helps to maintain the cardiovascular system and overall health and vitality. In tablet form just two tablets a day will give you the same nitric oxide boost as consuming 5oz of spinach or 7oz of beets.

When speaking with Practitioners, the recommendation is to consider nitric oxide as a base supplement for patients as they age. By opening up the cardiovascular system you are not only helping support healthy circulation but also that other recommendations included in their protocol may be able to circulate more effectively in the body.

The Berkeley Life nitric oxide supplements are the 'cleanest' nitric oxide supplements available and are best paired with the Berkeley Life Nitric Oxide Test Strips which help to validate their effectiveness in as little as 90 minutes after a single dose.


Test Strips

Berkeley Life Pro's patented, non-invasive, saliva based test strips allow patients to indicate nitric oxide status in 15 seconds.