The most reliable test for iodine is the 24-Hour Iodine Loading Test.

Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame, ChhC, AADP

There are four main options used for Iodine testing:

Blood Serum Test: Most doctors check iodine through the blood. This is not accurate because iodine does not stay in the blood very long before it is absorbed by the body, so not reliable.

Skin Patch Test: Chiropractors use this method with their patients; however this is also inaccurate because 88% of iodine evaporates almost immediately when painted on skin, so not reliable.

Spot Urine Test: This test is only a snapshot of one urine catch, so it will not give you an accurate assessment of iodine in the body, so not reliable.

24-Hour Iodine Loading Test: This test is the most accurate test for assessing Iodine sufficiency

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