All illnesses and diseases are improved by clearing the Lymph System.

Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame, ChhC, AADP
The Lymph system removes waste products from every cell in the body. It absorbs fats and delivers proper fluid levels to the cells. Proper fluid levels fight infections, take away toxins, chronic and potentially all deadly infections and cancers.
If your Lymph is not open and clear before you begin a detox program or hormone therapy, you will trans-locate toxins when you are killing them with your detox protocol.
This means you will be moving them to other parts of your body which will cause yet another health crisis.
As it relates to hormones, if your lymph is not clear, you can accumulate hormones you may be adding through hormone therapy.
When excess hormones accumulate, you become hormone toxic and it can take over 12 months to rid the body of those excess hormones. You will feel awful.
A little known fact is that fat soluble toxins are stored in breast tissue, so it is especially important for women to have a clean lymph system.
As it relates to estrogen dominance, cleaning the lymph will help balance your hormones.
A stagnant lymph system leads to chronic pain, brain fog, fatigue, constipation and also IBS. It also leads to edema, water retention so you will have a challenging time losing weight.
Solutions for a stagnant lymph system include: