The Iodine Protocol consists of 4-Key Nutrients

Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame, ChhC, AADP
Lugol's Iodine, Thyroid Specific Magnesium, Thyroid Specific Selenium, and Whole Food Vitamin C.
  1. Lugol's Iodine.  Lugol's is the ONLY form of iodine that has been studied, therefore, it is the only form recommended. Iodine helps the body displace toxic halogens and heavy metals. It is also needed for the production of stomach acid.
  2. Thyroid Specific Magnesium. Your thyroid cannot function without magnesium. Magnesium helps you to make more T4. Without magnesium, many of the thyroid enzymes that make thyroid hormone simply could not function. It also helps relax the body.
  3. Thyroid Specific Selenium is required for thyroid hormone synthesis and metabolism. It is also needed for the conversion process of T4 to T3.
  4. Whole Food Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that stimulates detoxification. Use only Whole Food Vitamin C because it is the most effective. It contains dozens of components of Vitamin C, not just ascorbic acid which is merely the 'shell' of vitamin C. You need 2,000-3,000 mg. /day.

Supplemental in support to The Iodine Protocol are:

Thyroid Sea Salt helps the body rid itself of toxic halogens. When iodine displaces halogens they can sometimes get stick in the tissues. Using the Salt dosing part of the protocol, release this and escorts it out of the body.  

ATP Energy for individuals with fatigue.

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