What Is Hormonal Weight Gain?

Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame, ChhC, AADP

You suddenly start putting on extra pounds (especially around the belly and hips). Your weight refuses to budge no matter how much you exercise or cut back on calories. If any of the above resonates with you, then you’re most likely dealing with hormonal weight gain.

90% of weight gain is due to hormonal disregulation, it has very little to do with calories, and all to do with how your body is balancing its hormones. Although food is important it is secondary to hormones in controlling our weight.

Here are some major issues that lead to weight gain and the mechanisms of action, then consider some natural and homeopathic solutions for this.


  • STRESS- this is by far the most important and detrimental factor to weight gain, it is almost always there, it sets off our hormone imbalances, our inability to sleep, our inability to process food, our non desire to exercise, and our poor emotional state.
  • HORMONAL DISREGULATION, which leads to liver dysfunction, improper balance in adrenal gland production of cortisone, estrogen and leptin resistance. This then actually confuses the body to believe that it is actually not holding enough fat reserves and so the body stores fat. Hypothyroidism ensues and your metabolism closes down hence the weight gain.
  • LIVER DISFUNCTION- IMPROPER LIVER DETOXIFICATION leads to improper detox and due to toxins the body stores these in fat cells and uses the fat cells as a storage site for these toxins, thus not allowing you to burn fat. (Think Drainage Remedies!)
  • EMOTIONAL TRAUMA- This is a way the body will use fat to protect itself from being hurt, especially after emotional and sexual abuse the person puts on weight, so that they are not attractive and don’t attract the trauma again. Seems odd, but it can and does happen!
  • EXCESS FOOD INTAKE AND CALORIES- This is such a small component of weight gain, but is always focused on, because this is where the marketers make a lot of money off of the public by getting them to buy weight loss products.
  • PHYSICAL INACTIVITY- Sedentary life limits us from keeping our hormonal carburetor at optimum. It also reduces our ability to age gracefully and allow optimum blood flow to the body.
  • POOR SLEEP AND EXCESS EXPOSURE TO BLUE LIGHT AND CELLULAR EMF’s- this hampers our body's ability to produce energy, regenerate cells and restore vitality, with reduced production of brain chemicals, it can aggravate energy production, hormonal equilibrium and stimulate weight gain.


Consider Homeopathic Hormones and Beet Nutritional Therapy Powder