ADRENALS.....These Glands Need Love Too.

Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame, ChhC, AADP

The adrenal glands release stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline in response to a stressor. If the stress continues for a long period of time, the adrenals can no longer meet the demands for putting out a continuous supply of stress hormones leaving the adrenals and you exhausted. What happens next is that this high level of adrenal stress hormones disrupt the normal functions of the thyroid gland which is why the adrenals need to be addressed prior to the thyroid.

Stress slows thyroid function:

  • High cortisol prevents the liver from clearing excess estrogen.
  • High cortisol decrease TSH, lowering thyroid hormone production.
  • Cortisol inhibits the conversion of T4 to T3, leaving you with a high rT3 which makes you more hypo.
  • Cortisol flushes magnesium out of the body. Magnesium is needed for conversion (which is why it is part of the iodine protocol).
  • As magnesium drops, you become more anxious and hyper, which further weakens both the thyroid and adrenals.
  • Once the adrenals are exhausted and the cortisol levels are very low, the cell receptors do not respond to T3.

The adrenals need to be nourished. They also require lots of Vitamin C from whole food sources. There are other things that can help too.

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