Elevated levels of cholesterol are extremely common in people with thyroid dysfunction.

Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame, ChhC, AADP
Several decades ago, normal cholesterol was 250-300. Then when statins came along the normal range was changed to 200 and keeps getting lower. Today, they have lowered it again to around 170.
People with low to low normal cholesterol levels have more health problems including heart attacks, cancer, hormone imbalance and brain function challenges.
People with high or high-normal levels of cholesterol including LDL live the longest. This is especially true in menopausal women!
The liver produces 85% of cholesterol. This is because the brain depends on it and needs quite a bit to function, it is also used for hormone production and every cell needs it. The 15% that comes from food isn't that much and has almost no affect at all.