If Your Drainage Pathways Are Not Open, Your Hormone Health Will Suffer.

Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame, ChhC, AADP

This Is Especially True If You Are On Hormone Therapy.

Drainage pathways are specific organs and systems that carry out the toxins, pathogens and excess hormones from the body. These pathways are how hormones are removed from the blood stream after the cell releases them. Drainage pathways essentially evict excess hormones because excess hormones can be toxic and throw the body further out of balance, making you feel worse.

Many people do not do well on hormone therapy, they feel worse, instead of feeling better. One reason for this is that their Drainage Pathways are not open and when that happens, hormone levels build up in the body and can lead to toxic levels if the excesses are not exiting the body through the Drainage Pathways. It's a real problem that doctor's don't know about or understand. When a patient walks into their office complaining that they feel worse on hormone therapy, the response is often to cut back on the dose which may be the right choice for some people, but most often its because their body is not properly processing the hormones and excesses are accumulating and not leaving the body.

Drainage Formulas open and clear pathways so hormone therapy can be productive. They should be used before hormone therapy is started and during the process. For those individuals with MTHFR, they should consider using Drainage therapy longer.

Consider homeopathic drainage options.