Testosterone therapy decreased the risk of Breast Cancer.

Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame, ChhC, AADP

A study reported in the April 2024 Journal of Sexual Medicine looked at over 10,000 women on testosterone therapy. It concluded that testosterone did not cause any increase in breast cancer, blood clots or cardiac events. Instead, what it showed is that testosterone therapy decreased these risks! 

In the study, as it relates to breast cancer, it was shown that testosterone therapy actually decreased the risk of breast cancer by 50%!!!!! 

The study looked at bio-identical testosterone; however, there are many women who cannot tolerate prescription hormones. When that happens, it is often because their drainage pathways are congested, so for these women and for all women actually, it is important to open drainage pathways before and during hormone therapy.

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Also consider using Homeopathic Hormones like Homeopathic Testosterone. It is safer and as effective as prescription hormones.


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