This Can Wreck Your Thyroid!

Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame, ChhC, AADP

Bromide Toxicity Can Wreck Your Thyroid Function.

Bromide toxicity can be a cause of hypothyroidism leading to HASHI’s. Because iodine is so important to proper thyroid function it stands to reason that if you have excess bromide in your body, which acts to displace iodine you will have a iodine shortage and potential reduced levels of thyroid function.

So where do we get bromide toxicity? There was a time when iodine was added to flour, that stopped in the 1970's and in place of iodine, bromide was added. There is no benefit to adding bromide to any food. Bromide is also found in flame retardant clothing, furniture covering and pesticides. Bromide may be blocking your thyroid hormone production!

Hypo's are always low in iodine, Hashi's patients are often very low in iodine, and diving right into taking iodine is a problem, if you are not following the Iodine Protocol the way it was designed to be followed. This is where people get into trouble, just taking iodine without priming first. It is great for thyroid function but there is a way it needs to be used to prevent adverse effects.


  1. Prime with Selenium to ensure your body has sufficient Selenium to be able to safely absorb and use the iodine.
  2. Flour improvers were changed from potassium iodate to potassium bromate which acts as an inhibitor of thyroid function by blocking iodine uptake. If you must have flour, use King Arthur's brand. It is the only flour on the market that does not add bromide.
  3. When supplementing with iodine it often seems to have a negative effect as it detoxifies your body of bromine (fluoride too). This is great to help thyroid function but must be helped with a salt flush to encourage bromide and fluoride elimination. Symptoms can include headaches, fatigue, acne, diarrhea/constipation, joint aches and more.
  4. Your hypothyroidism could be caused by your iodine uptake being blocked due to other halides in your body like, fluoride and chlorine, in addition to bromide.
  5. Start the process of getting tested. The gold standard for testing is the 24 Hour Iodine Loading Test.
  6. If it appears that your iodine level is low, follow The Iodine Protocol to the letter and make sure you are using the correct forms of each nutrient to ensure success!

Start with testing, then treatment, then re-test again annually.  Learn more.

Step #1:  Comprehensive Thyroid Panel Test available without a prescription.