Anxious, Can't Sleep, Wired But Exhausted, Can't Lose Weight, Blood Sugar, Irritability, Nausea. Feel Better With These.

Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame, ChhC, AADP
Adrenal Health

Hormonal Imbalances Generally Stem From The Adrenals And The Inability To Control Cortisol.

Addressing Adrenal Fatigue Can Make A Huge Difference In Hormonal Health. Adrenal Synergy, Adrenal Support And Methyl B-Complex Fortify Adrenals, Especially If You Are Dealing With Blood Sugar Issues, Reproductive Hormone Imbalances, If You Are Nervous, Anxious, Can't Sleep Because You Are Too Wired. GlucoStasis And GlucoReg Are For Blood Sugar Issues. If You Try To Go To Sleep And You Feel Wide Awake, That Tells You There Is A Blood Sugar Issue.

Tier 1: Adrenal Synergy + Adrenal Support + Methyl B-Complex.
Tier 2: If You Have Blood Sugar Issues, Add In GlutoStasis + GlucoReg.
Tier 3: If You Are Still Not Making Hormones, Add In Pregnenolone and DHEA. High Vitality If You Are Struggling With Weight Loss, Energy, Sleep and Tissue Repair. All 3 Build The Reproductive Hormones And You Will Come Into Balance.

Stress Ez Is For Anxiousness. It Helps To Calm Everything Down.

When You Use ALL 5, You Will Feel Amazing And You Will Start To Think More Clearly, Have More Energy, Sleep Better, Hormones Will Fall In Line And Your Brain Will Work Better!

Note That In Some Individuals, The Liver and Kidneys Cannot Metabolize Hormones, And This Is Especially True In Anyone Who Is Estrogen Dominant, Those Individuals Will Not Metabolize Hormones Properly And If That Is You, You Must Open All The Pathways Of Drainage Using The Drainage Kit First Or During Adrenal Therapy.