Nitric Oxide Does So Much For You, Beets Are The Way Forward.

Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame, ChhC, AADP
Any immune response, whether it is to an infection, virus or bacteria or some injury in the body, responds by mobilizing our immune system and it does that through the use of nitric oxide.
Nitric oxide at the site of an infection or inflammation kills viruses or bacteria so it prevents viral particle replication. So, if you don't have nitric oxide on board, you cannot elicit a robust immune system response and you become immuno-compromised.
If your coronary arteries cannot dilate on their own because there is not enough nitric oxide, you get ischemic heart disease. Nitric oxide is considered an anti-anginal. It causes vaso-dilation, which helps with ischemic pain known as angina. It does so by decreasing the cardiac workload.
The corotid arteries begin to dilate 30 seconds after you've ingested nitric oxide. What also happens after taking in nitric oxide is that high blood pressure lowers within 15 minutes.  Nitric oxide reduces plaque and keeps the arteries clean and dilated.
There is not better or healthier way to get nitric oxide into the body than to incorporate beets into your diet.
If you're concerned about oxalates in beets which are very high in nitric oxide, you would be best served by using Beet Food Nutritional Therapy Blends by The Beet Lady, which are in powder form. The process of powdering beets means that oxalates are substantially reduced to almost nothing.
Gentlemen....Here's a little known fact. Nitric oxide improves sexual function because erectile dysfunction is a symptom of low levels of NO in the body. Beets are safer, cheaper and healthier than viagra!
Ladies.....nitric oxide is essential for skin health. When you don't have enough nitric oxide on board, you lose hydration, collagen and cells don't turn over to regenerate. You get fine lines, wrinkles, dermatitis and age spots.