What Is The Difference Between Draining And Detoxification?

Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame, ChhC, AADP

Drain and Detox....It's Important To Drain and Detox So You Do Not Recycle Toxins.

What Is The Difference Between Draining And Detoxification?

  1. Drainage (before detox), opens pathways of detoxification, picks up, binds to and carries toxins out of the body. This step is crucial prior to detoxing, especially for anyone who has the MTHFR gene mutation or a health issue which impairs the ability to properly detox.
  2. Detoxification liberates toxins.  

If you are considering any Detoxification protocol, you must begin with opening all pathways with Drainage therapy.

Drainage Formulas:

  • Systemic Drainage: General gentle and overall drainage product. Drains systemically with each organ supported.
  • Liver Drainage: Exposure to toxins, congestion, inflammation, lowers high cholesterol, and triglycerides, gastritis, reflux, jaundice, helps improve circulation throughout the body, skin eruptions, waking during the night, headaches.
  • GI Drainage: For chronic GI symptoms, imbalanced gut bacteria, reflux, sour stomach, IBS, constipation, bad breath.
  • Kidney Drainage: Relieves water retention, UTI's, stones, swelling of reproductive organs.
  • Lymph Drainage: Drains pathogenic infections, improves fluids through the lymphatic system, drains clearing pathways, and swollen glands.

Consider Drainage Options

Consider for Detoxification:

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CellCore Phase 4A: Systemic Detox