Why Purchasing Practitioner Brands Is So Important. And Why Buying Those Brands On Amazon Is Not A Good Idea.

Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame, ChhC, AADP
Practitioner Brands are respected by physicians and healthcare practitioners because of the clinical research that has been conducted; and the quality, purity, and effectiveness of the ingredients.

What's the difference between Practitioner Brands and over-the-counter products? Practitioner Brand products undergo rigorous quality assurance testing and clinical trials to ensure all the ingredients are both effective and safe. As a result, the quality of the ingredients is often much higher and much more effective. They are pharmaceutical grade supplements.

Some Practitioner Brands have decided to sell on Amazon. But, you might want to think twice about ordering those trusted brands from Amazon because Amazon doesn't guarantee temperature control. Overheated products, expired products, possibly counterfeit products are a huge problem when buying from Amazon and there's no accountability. These are all realities that could pose a health risk for patients buying formulas that are not what they're supposed to be and the Practitioner Brands have no control over this.

Also, Practitioner Brands on Amazon are priced 15-20% higher than you would pay when you buy from your Practitioner and this is intentional, as the Brands prefer that you buy from your Practitioner and have a presence on Amazon only to try to keep counterfeit products to a minimum, but they really have no control over this.

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