Bile movement is needed for digestion, elimination, hormones and mycotoxin elimination.

Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame, ChhC, AADP
Mycotoxins congest bile.  If bile is stagnant, it can be a breeding ground for parasitic infections and viruses.
Bile helps you preserve the vitamin D that you gained from sun exposure during the warm summer months. Bile helps you preserve vitamin A and all the other fat soluble nutrients.
If you are trying to detox and you are becoming sicker, look at the drainage pathways first. Open drainage, before you detox and get bile moving!
There are plenty of bile movers in the form of supplements, but the healthiest bile thinner and mover are beets.
Beets move bile, clean the liver and relieve constipation. Beets bind bile acids and escort them out of the body. They nourish your microbiome and they are better than pharmaceuticals which deplete your body of nutrients.