Probiotics and Women

Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame, ChhC, AADP

There are many studies of Probiotics that have been done on women with obesity, hypertension and menopause. In all of these studies Probiotics have very positive results.

When women go through menopause and lose their estrogen, the gut microbiome loses diversity.  So estrogen does change the gut microbiome and not for the better.

Menopausal women start to get a menopause belly which is visceral fat. Visceral fat is dangerous. It's the type of fat that is internally wrapped around the organs inside the abdomen.  This new gut microbiome changes in a way that resembles more a male microbiome and male's in mid-life develop what is commonly known as a beer belly. Same thing. Very dangerous and unhealthy.

That visceral fat is a marker for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and stroke.

So in these studies, women who were on the probiotics versus placebo, had lower blood pressure and lower visceral fat.

Eating fermented foods unless you have candida or a yeast overgrowth will help.  Also use a good probiotic that is enteric coated so that it will survive stomach acid so it can do its job. 

Consider Biocidin ProFlora 4R Restore Spore-Based Probiotic