If you are constipated, you can't detox; and if you can't detox, you won't get well.

Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame, ChhC, AADP

You must get those bowels moving if you want to improve your health condition and feel better.

Bloated and can't button your pants? It's not necessarily that you're overweight, it's possible that you are bloated with gas and stool which can sometimes be five pounds of gas and stool packed in your colon!

It's caused by your diet and lifestyle, i.e. the foods you are eating are causing and exacerbating the problem. So, ask yourself, when was your last bowel movement, what did it look like, what prescription medications are you on, are you straining to go, do you have hemorrhoids?

These are all important questions. There are a myriad of medications that doctors dispense that cause constipation, valiuim, xanax, klonipin, diuretics, blood pressure medications, cholesterol lowering agents or statins, antidepressants, motrin and the worst of all, opioids like percocet, oxycontin, fentanyl patches, dilaudid.

The doctors that put you on these medications should also put you on a good probiotic or you should start one now if you require these drugs, and you need to hydrate and stay hydrated with lemon water. Coffee and power drinks are not a source for hydration. Pure White Tea with Lemon is an excellent tea for hydration and moving things along. 

Remember that you are what you eat, bread, pasta, pizza, white potatoes, rice, chips, sugar, cake, cookies are all going to bind you up. Certain fruits and vegetables contain fiber which will keep your bowels moving.

Colon polyps and cancer can be eradicated with dietary and medication changes and it is key to stop the bloating.

Consider these solutions for constipation relief: