Turn Your DETOX Genes Back On With Glutathione.

Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame, ChhC, AADP

Epi-Nutrient responsive genes are genes whose expression is changed based on the Epi-Nutrients present in our diet. Epi-Nutrients are the active ingredients that play important roles in DNA metabolism and the maintenance of DNA methylation patterns via chemical reaction of a methyl product.

A great example is glutathione-S-transferase (GST), which most people know as a major player in detoxification, but GST is also linked to a number of cancers when its detoxification potential is inhibited through hyper-methylation.  In fact, the GSTP1 gene has been found to be hyper-methylated in prostate, breast, liver, and lung cancer.

Other glutathione detox genes, including GSTM1 and GPX3, are also associated with cancer prevention and may be hyper-methylated and inhibited in cancer.

The good news is that GSTP1 can be uninhibited or reactivated by a number of Epi-Nutrients from foods. This means that these foods can protect you by turning you GSTP1 gene back on!

This is why using food to optimize health is so important and must be considered and utilized.  Remember 'Food IS Medicine!' And that is why you should be less concerned about your DNA than your choices.

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