Do You Smell Like Beer Or Maybe Your Body's Odor Is Giving Off The Smell of Fermentation?

Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame, ChhC, AADP

ABS (Auto Brewery Syndrome), also called Gut Fermentation Syndrome, is an under diagnosed medical condition that can happen as a result of exposure to mold, mycotoxins and candida.

In this condition, carbohydrates that are ingested result in the endogenous production of ethanol and when the gut microbiome becomes compromised it allows fungal elements to proliferate. Initially, only fungi were implicated in the conversion of carbohydrates to alcohol, but in a recent study also identified was certain species of high alcohol producing bacteria (Klebsiella species).

When the gut is sick, imbalanced or disrupted as is the case with leaky gut and other gut disorders, it results in an overgrowth of fungi and high alcohol producing bacteria. It can make you feel like you are drunk without having ingested alcohol, or it can make you smell like you've just drank a case of beer!

Antibiotic therapy can upset the balance of the gut microbiome and also cause a yeast overgrowth. People with diabetes, short bowel syndrome, SIBO, IBS and Chrone's disease are also at risk of developing ABS.

There could also be a genetic component. People with ABS present with signs or symptoms of inebriation. Some have psychiatric symptoms, altered mood, anxiety, dysphoria, changes in affect and depression, or neurological symptoms, changes in mental status, drowsiness, brain fog, seizures and ataxia.

They often have a smell of alcohol on their breath or a body odor that smells like they just drank alcohol or beer...a fermented or beer smell. ABS increases the risk of fatty liver, cirrhosis of the liver, and acute or chronic pancreatitis.

While the legal limit for DWI in some states is 0.08%, people with ABS can have a level that is 3-4 times this.

People who have used antibiotics often and who have been exposed to mold are at high risk for developing ABS.

Testing can include an upper and lower endoscopy, as well as a carbohydrate challenge test. Natural Anti-fungal therapy, as well as probiotic specific bacteria and a carb free diet for a while, is an effective way to address ABS.

Auto-Brewery Syndrome turns foods and other things into gasses and toxic compounds. Candida can do this and Mycotoxins can also do this.

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