Kick Candida To The Curb, Here's How.

Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame, ChhC, AADP

Candida is a sign of something larger. We are meant to have some candida, but when it gets overgrown or out of control, there is something causing the overgrowth.

Things that can cause candida to spiral out of control include,

  • Antibiotic therapy
  • Diabetes
  • Alcohol
  • Oral Birth Control
  • Sad American Diet
  • High stress
  • Autoimmune condition

Fermented foods feed an active candida infection.

Address heavy metals and stealth pathogens like Lyme, mold and parasite infections. Other things like estrogen dominance and blood sugar imbalances feed candida, so they must be addressed. Glyphosates and other herbicides and also high stress must be addressed.

You have to attack the candida, but while you are doing this, try to identify why you have the overgrowth in the first place. Candida can grow in the body within 24 hours.

Figure Out Why You Have A Candida Infection While You Are Clearing It From Your Body With Any Of These Candida Clearing Kits:

*Candida flourishes when other molds and heavy metals are in the body. Metals can breed mycotoxins. Desbio's METOX gets metals out of the body DesBio FNG Is another formula that addresses Candida, Yeast and Mold.