Hair Can't Survive An Unhealthy Liver

Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame, ChhC, AADP
An underperforming liver struggles to metabolize the essential nutrients, vitamins and hormones involved in hair growth.

Hair is primarily made of a tough, fibrous protein called keratin, and small amounts of lipids (fats), water, and trace minerals. Keratin is composed of long chains of amino acids, which form strong, insoluble fibers that provide strength, elasticity and stability to your hair.

Fatty Liver disease and a congested liver impairs the organ’s ability to perform the necessary functions to maintain healthy hair.

Liver-related hair loss can be prevented or reverted once the liver regains its ability to properly metabolize nutrients and regulate hormones and it is no longer congested and sick.

Studies have shown that non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and liver congestion can be reversed by simply adding BEETs to the diet. Beets have a hepato-protective effect that keeps fat from depositing in the liver and they improve liver function while thinning and moving bile, thus relieving constipation. Beets have been proven to help you reduce liver fat and improve overall liver health. Beets also improve heart health, digestion and skin health. Compounds in Lemon have been shown to reduce the inflammation found in fatty liver disease.

Consider Beet Food Nutritional Therapy.