MouthWash Raises The Risk Of Obesity, Insulin Resistance and Diabetes.

Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame, ChhC, AADP

The Oral Microbiome Is Important To Our Overall Health.

In a recent study of 945 overweight/obese individuals who were followed for 3 years, using common grocery and drug store mouthwash daily the findings of the study showed that use of these common mouthwashes lead to a 49% increased risk of insulin resistance, diabetes, cardiovascular mortality, elevated blood pressure and obesity.

The reason for this is due to depletion of oral nitrate-reducing bacteria and subsequent decrease in nitric oxide bioavailability. Mouthwash kills beneficial bacteria that generate nitric oxide (NO) as a by-product from certain foods like Beets.

What You Can Do:

  • Brush
  • Floss
  • Replace Store Mouthwashes with Completely Natural ToothPowder and MouthWash To Promote Oral Health.
  • Eat beets or use Beet Food Nutritional Blends for good bacteria from nitric oxide in the mouth.

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