A word about binders.

Karen Fitzpatrick-Dame, ChhC, AADP

Binders only work if they can keep their bind and carry the bile out through stool. If you are not moving your bowels, that bind can break, releasing the mycotoxin in the gut where it can cause more damage than when it was bound.

If you are constipated, you'll need a pre-binder that stimulates bile, before or with your binder. Bile movement is the key.

Life's Healthiest Whole Food Binder Nutritional Therapy contains pre-binders as well as binder foods, so it's a win/win binder! The ingredients have been compared to Cholestyromine and top mold experts recommend it. Safe, effective and healthier.

Life's Healthiest Whole Food Binder versus Cholestyromine and other binders:

  • Cholestyromine, Welchol and other supplement binders deplete good fats, taurine, glycine, pharmaceutical medications, nutrients and fat soluble nutrients that make bile. Bile is needed for carrying pathogens and toxins out of the body. Bile is needed for you to move your bowels every day.
  • Cholestyromine, Welchol and other supplemental binders lower cholesterol, mobilize mycotoxins and other toxins which can cause too much detoxification all at once and they are very constipating. They cause constipation and exacerbate constipation.
  • Cholestyromine, Welchol and other pharmaceutical binders impact the lining of the gut, causing death to cells in the colon (Colitis, Chrones) and can cause colon hemorrhages if you are constipated already.

Life's Healthiest Whole Food Binder is extremely effective for binding:

  • Whole Food Binder is a healthier binder because it does not cause adverse side effects.
  • Whole Food Binder does not deplete your body of medicines or other nutrients.
  • Whole Food Binder relieves constipation and the food ingredients actually flood your body with nutrients.

The fiber in Life's Healthiest Whole Food Binder Nutritional Therapy is more concentrated because they are dried. When food is dried, dehydrated and powdered, it makes them more effective in the body because they are in your body, thirsty and looking for something to bind to.  The formula contains the best foods that bind to toxins and pathogens while delivering nutrients that your body needs to heal. It also contains a pre-binder to stimulate bile production.

Combine Life's Healthiest Whole Food Binder with Life's Healthiest Drainage and Life's Healthiest Glutathione Food to open drainage pathways and to help your body detoxify better.